Red & Black Plums

First known mention of Plums dates back to 479 B.C., in the writings and songs of Confucius. In 65 B.C., Pompey the Great introduced the plum to the orchards of Rome, and Alexander the Great eventually brought them to the Mediterranean regions. Early American colonists even found wild plums growing along the east coast. The plum tree plays a significant role in Chinese mythology and is associated with great age and wisdom. Plums are now the second most cultivated fruit in the world, second only to apples. Plums and prunes are a good source of vitamin A, potassium and fiber.

Storage & Handling: If the plums seem a little hard, leave them at room temperature for a few days to soften up, but know they will not actually ripen further to develop more sugar like some fruits. Refrigerate ripe plums in a plastic bag and use within four days. Organic produce should not be stored with non-organic produce.