The kiwifruit is native to the Yangtze River valley of northern China and Zhejiang Province on the coast of eastern China. The first seeds were brought out of China by missionaries to New Zealand at the turn of this century. To those outside of China, the fruit was known as the "Chinese Gooseberry." In the 1960's, the fruit was renamed "kiwifruit" due to its similar appearance to the kiwibird which is a brown, fuzzy, funny-looking, round bird and the national bird of New Zealand (the first commercial producer of the fruit) A large kiwifruit contains more than twice the vitamin C of an orange and as much potassium as a banana.

Storage & Handling: Store Kiwifruit promptly in a cool place. For prolonged storage (up to 2-3 weeks), keep the fruit uncovered in your refrigerator's crisper. Organic produce should not be stored with non-organic produce.