Bosc Pears

Organic Bosc Pears, the most photogenic of the pear family due to their elegant long necks and gorgeous cinnamon skin, become sweeter and more flavorful earlier in the ripening process than other varieties. As a result, they can be enjoyed before their flesh has fully softened. Because Bosc Pears have a more firm, dense flesh than other pear varieties, they are ideal for use in cooking; baking, broiling, poaching. They retain their shape and texture better than other varieties, and their flavor is less likely to be overwhelmed by the use of spices like cinnamon, clove or nutmeg. Of course, they are also excellent for fresh eating, particularly by those who prefer a more firm texture. Pears are a unique fruit that ripen best off the tree (without getting technical, pears left to ripen on the tree can become gritty), they are meant to be ripened at home. Place hard pears in a paper bag or a covered fruit bowl, leave at room temperature. Every day, apply gentle pressure to the stem end of the pear with your thumb. When it yields to the pressure, it's ready to eat (usually takes a few days).

Storage & Handling: Enjoy your ripe, juicy pears now, or store them in the 'fridge until you're ready to use them. The 'fridge will slow down the ripening process, but won't stop it. Ready to eat pears will stay fresh in the 'fridge for between 3-5 days. Organic produce should not be stored with non-organic produce.