Bartlett Pears

The "Thinking Man's Fruit": This appellation has often been applied to the Bartlett pear, for it takes a bit of planning to reach the ultimate in juicy perfection but oh, how worth the wait! The Bartlett is picked at premium sugar, but still green and firm. Gradually, it transforms from emerald hues to a delicate yellow connoisseurs have varying opinions about just "how yellow"; some prefer a slight crispness, while others favor softer succulence.

Storage & Handling: Always ripen the pears in a bowl at room temperature for green & firm, this may take 4-6 days. Once desired ripeness is reached, refrigerate to slow further ripening (avoid refrigeration until this point). Handle gently to avoid bruising. (Pears ripen from the inside out, so waiting until they are soft around the middle might indicate over-ripeness.) Serve chilled, and you'll be in the rare class of those who know how to produce pear perfection. Organic produce should not be stored with non-organic produce.