Happy New Year!

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Whew, we made it through the holiday season and we are working hard to get restocked so that we have the finest and freshest gifts available for you and your gift giving needs.  Christmas was definitely a challenge, but we were able to keep up with your orders and then BAM! UPS and FedEx limited what and when we could ship or even if we could ship at all so we had to completely stop selling almost all of our items about a week before Christmas.   

Most of you were so understanding and wonderful knowing that we are a small business trying to continue to survive during a global pandemic while being limited with our shipping options.  A few of you were less understanding and hopefully you will find a kinder and more understanding attitude in 2021. 

The next two big gift giving holidays are the Lunar New Year on Feb 12th and Valentine's Day on Feb 14th so keep an eye out for some great new gift options this and year and remember to order early!  

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