3 Month Mixed Fruit Delivery Item# PREMCLUB-C03M


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Our award winning monthly fruit delivery features the freshest and juiciest fruits available – Packed in the orchard, chosen for flavor and beauty. "A Year of Fruit" is a delicious and wholesome way to treat yourself, your family, friends and business associates.

Once you join we will send your recipient a lovely card and a certificate informing them about their gift, including content and delivery months, along with your personal message.

The fruit will begin arriving within days of placing your order and again each month after the second Monday of the month for (3) Three months of delicious fresh fruit deliveries.

The Monthly Fruit Selection Includes:

Jan - 2.5 lbs. CalNavel Oranges & 2 lbs. Deliciosa Kiwi
Feb - 2.5 lbs. Sumo Citrus, 2 lbs. Murcott Tangerines
Mar - 4.5 lbs. Ruby Red Grapefruit and Pink Lady Apples
April - 2 lbs. Pixie Tangerines, 2.5 lbs. Beurre Bosc Pears
May - 1.5 lbs. Colossal Bing Cherries, 2 lbs. Sugar Cot Apricots
June - 2.5 lbs. Tropical Mango, 2 lbs. Hass Avocado
July - 4.5 lbs. Pearl White Peaches & Sugarine Nectarines
Aug - 4.5 lbs. Williams Bartlett Pears & Honey Pluots
Sep - 4.5 lbs. Ginger Gold Apples & Rivermaid Red Pears
Oct - 2 lbs. Pomegranates, 2.5 lbs. Jazz Apples
Nov - 2.5 lbs. Honey Crisp Apples, 2 lbs. Taylors Gold Pears
Dec - 2.5 lbs. Red and Green Comice Pears, 2 lbs. Satsuma Mandarins

If you need assistance with your monthly fruit order please email: customerservice@californiafruitgifts.com or call Toll Free 1-888-758-2034. Our customer service representatives are available to assist you.

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