Monthly Delicious Gifts for 3 Months PREMCLUB-C03M


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The first yummy gift will begin arriving within days of placing your order and again each month after the second Monday of the month for (3) three months of delicious delectable deliveries.

The Monthly Fruit Selection Includes:

Jan - California Sweet Sunshine Citrus Basket
Feb - Scrumptious Strawberry Cheesecake
Mar - California Signature Fruit Collection CFG1002
April - Deluxe Chocolate Dipped Sandwich Cookies - CFG1010 - 20A
May - Dried Mango Delight 16oz - CFV71330
June - Yummy meat and cheese assortment - CFCD7976
July -  Apple Board full of dried fruit - CFV80003_20
Aug - Crunchy and Savory Variety Tray - CFG8029_20
Sep -  Pears to Compare - Deluxe Gift Box - CFG1001_20A
Oct -  Spooky Cauldron of Halloween Goodies - CFCD7409
Nov - Mix of California dried fruit and nuts - CFV80018_20
Dec - Savory Favorites of Meat, Cheese and More - CFCD5959
If you need assistance with your monthly gift order please email: or call Toll Free 1-888-758-2034. Our customer service representatives are available to assist you.
*These gifts are subject to availability.  If the item listed is not available we will replace it with a similar item with the same or higher value. 

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