Santa's Sweets - CFCD5314_20N

Santa's Sweets - CFCD5314_20N


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Santa is making his list and checking it twice before he delivers this festive tower of sweet treats. The excitement of opening each box will leave a lasting impression.

Contents: Chocolate Covered Oreos (2 count); White Chocolate Covered Oreos (2 count); Frosted Pretzels (2 oz each, 1 count); Chocolate Covered Nuts (.5 oz pkg, 2 count); Shortbread Cookies (1 oz pkg, 2 count); Jelly Belly (1.2 oz each, 1 count); English Toffee (1.71 oz pkg, 1 count); Caramel Popcorn (2 oz pkg, 1 count);


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