Gourmet Meat & Cheese Gift Basket - CFG5035_20N

Gourmet Meat & Cheese Gift Basket - CFG5035_20N


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This selection of fresh and aged cheeses pared with perfect accompaniments of charcuterie and mustard is going to delight all the foodies on your list! Canaria - an olive oil soaked cheese that will be your new favorite, Delicious Farmstead Gourmet Cheddar, and Bread Cheese which is perfect for frying. Charcuterie includes Smoked Wild Salmon and Volpi Dry Salsiccia. Add in classic sea salt crackers, roasted California almonds, and horseradish mustard and you have a party or a fancy picnic! All hand packed into a woven basket.

Contents: 5 oz. Carr Valley Canaria, 5.3 oz. Farmstead Gourmet Private Label Cheddar, 6 oz. Carr Valley Bread Cheese, 2 oz. Smoked Salmon, 6 oz. Volpi Un Mondo Dry Salsiccia, Partners Olive Oil & Sea Salt Crackers, 3.5 oz. Horseradish Mustard, 3 oz. Roasted Salted Almonds

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